Open the Door to Endless Design Possibilities

We offer entry door installation services in Louisville, KY

Is your entry door damaged beyond repair? Are you remodeling your home and need a door to match your new design? Turn to ICRC Roofing & Contracting for entry door installation services. We'll install your new door and accompanying hardware, then weatherproof and insulate it.

The style opportunities are endless when you hire our team. We work with popular styles, like barn doors, glass doors and sliding doors. Plus, we use sturdy materials, like wood and metal, to complete each job. Set up an entry door installation project in Louisville, KY or the surrounding area.

Invest in a top-quality door for your commercial space

You want to do everything you can to keep your commercial space safe. If your entry door is damaged beyond repair, then it puts your safety at risk. Don't make it easy for intruders to enter your office. Hire our team to complete a commercial door installation. We'll remove your old door, then replace it with a brand-new one. We'll also caulk and seal openings to prevent water damage.

Plan a commercial door installation in Louisville, KY today.

Put your door installation project in capable hands

Whether you're scheduling a residential or commercial door installation, you can trust us with your project. Our seasoned professionals will...

  • Measure the height, width and depth of your existing door frame
  • Remove the existing door and all hardware
  • Inspect the frame and threshold for any rot or damage
  • Set the new door into the opening, making sure everything is centered
  • Secure the door with new hardware and verify that it swings smoothly
  • Apply weatherstripping and insulation to seal any gaps between the frame and the opening
  • Seal the exterior and interior edges to prevent drafts and water infiltration
  • Test that the new door works appropriately
You'll appreciate how easy it is to get a new door when you hire ICRC Roofing & Contracting for the job. Start the entry door installation process today by contacting our team in Louisville, KY.